Tuesday, March 28, 2006

They've been doing this every two hours, then running around like fiends.

Wow, the miracle of photography; a cat can look so big...

...and so small.

Moxie doing the "Mario duck" to get under the couch. She was unable to bop any coins with her head, though.



I just took the online test to become a contestant ... well, the first of several steps. I blanked on a couple of them, but I think I got at least an average of two out of three right.

And the kittens are ridiculous ... mewing all night, giving me strange dreams when i could sleep at all. But they're really fun.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Ladies and gentlemen, meet...

...Moxie and Mojo!

(Dr. Nick voice) Hi everybody!

Moxie. She is slightly more capable of chilling than her brother.

Mojo. I'm trying to enroll him in a dojo, for poetry purposes.

We likes us some aluminum-foil balls. We also likes us some color contacts.

A good saunter is hard to find.

You get all sorts of ideas from watching Rachael Ray. That's plastic wrap in there, by the way, and who knows whether we were protecting the wok or the kittens.

Cat pokey, in the form of two unused dining room chairs. Better be on your best behavior.

Monday, March 20, 2006


We've arranged to buy two kittens from the Humane Society in Jeffersonville, Ind. One is a female tabby, one is a black male. Looks like we'll be bringing them home sometime next week, after their last round of shots and fixation.

hwong's naming the girl, I get to name the dude. Any suggestions?

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Is this alarming?

By the numbers...

Weight before 16-mile run: 171 pounds
Weight after 16-mile run, before 7 glasses of water and 7 slices of pizza: 164 pounds
Current weight: 173 pounds

I guess it's better than "manorexia".

Post-16-miler stream of consciousness

No inclination to make this coherent or readable so here it goes, half the park was under 6 inches of water, so I ran through enormous lake/puddles in the first five miles before I switched to an alternate, non-flooded route. I know this much: I can run exactly 16 miles without drinking water before I stagger and twitch. If I was being chased by a bear, I wouldn't have been able to go 16.1 miles. Granted, any bear worth his salt would catch me far earlier than that, but yea who cares. Anyway, now I'm waiting for Papa John's to deliver my large meat lover's pizza so I can eat all of it with 7 glasses of water and a side salad of aspirin.

Politics often makes strange bedfellows, and then other times it makes obvious ones. Nevertheless, tune in to West Wing tonight to see Josh hook up with Donna, you voyeurs.

Downtown living at its finest

It's almost 4 a.m., and I am awake. And this is not October, or December, when it wouldn't have mattered in the least and when I wouldn't have minded. I mind.

My street is jammed with bass-blasting cars and reverie-ripping motorcycles. Right about now, a split-level in the Highlands would be so nice.

COME ON, turn down your bass, you corny punks. I hate everything.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy

Go down in flames, you jerk.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

This week sucked...

...and several factors conspired to make that happen.
  • I slept a normal amount, but it was dreadful sleep. It was not at all recuperative; it was so bad, I woke up feeling not just tired, but furious.
  • I have a nagging, cold pain beneath my right shoulder blade that kicks in between miles 5 and 10 of any run I do. If I didn't have a marathon eight weeks from today and if my health insurance didn't kick in only three days before that, this wouldn't bother me so much. But I'll have to bite the bullet and go see a specialist, even if it's just one time.
  • I didn't publish as many articles as I should have, and the ones I did were boring. Boring news stories are nothing new, but it's well within my job description to dig for interesting angles to those snoozefests. Whether because I was tired or complacent, I was a bad digger this week. And when that happens, all I can think about is how I swore to myself I'd justify the wrenching, tedious job search that put me here by being a creative, hard-working writer.
  • Phillies haven't traded for an ace yet.
  • It was warm, very warm -- and now it's cold again. Not very cold, but I feel betrayed by Mother Nature nonetheless; my short-sleeve Under Armour was ready for regular rotation.
Okay, I won't try to brainstorm and pad the list. That's enough.

Ordinarily, here I'd apologize for whining. Not this time. I got that crap off my chest, and that's all I care about.

Whew. Oh by the way Terps, you'll have to excuse me for going against the family; hwong and I are going to a Duke fan's house to watch Duke-UNC tonight. Settle down, settle down, we'll be "rooting" for UNC, but I know some of you will chafe at this news.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Bad episode of Lost tonight. I understand that the protracted suspense is smart TV-making, but they're reaching the point at which people will simply watch the teasers throughout the week and say:

"Oh, Claire and Kate are going into the jungle to find some bunker. If anything bad happened to them, they'd tease it, so clearly nothing happens. Oh, and there's some chatting with the prisoner? Well, if he incriminated himself or killed himself or escaped, they'd tease that, too. I'll be fine if I don't watch this week."

I watched anyway, but I was not surprised when nothing fun happened. C'mon guys, step it up next week.