Saturday, June 24, 2006

Good times

Turned the $300 I sat down with tonight into $1,200. Busted three people to get a good chunk of it -- one dude when I hit Broadway on the turn, another two dudes when I flopped a set of 7's against top pair and an overpair. Didn't lose more than $25 on any hand... stayed completely out of trouble. More lucky than good, which I realize.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Huge competitive-emotional swing in the second half of tonight's softball doubleheader.

The "Hoosier News" team lost 13-5 in our first game, after giving up 7 or 8 in the first inning.

But in the second game, we went into the final inning down 9-8. Fielding in the top half of the inning, we loaded the bases with nobody out; I was playing left center field, and a humpback linedrive was hit to short-center field.

I sprinted to it and slid, juggling it but finally coming up with the catch; the other team's base coaches thought I'd dropped it and sent all their runners, so I threw it back in for an 8-4-3 triple play. Huge brouhaha followed, and they thought that I had said I dropped it. Not so, opposing squad, not so. The person on third tagged up, so it's 10-8.

So of course, in the bottom of the inning, we push a run across and load the bases with two out, bringing to the plate ... me. It being a coed league, I have to bat opposite-handed.

And since I'm hyped out of my skull at this point, imagining a game-winning or at least game-tying line drive up the middle or even a dumpy line drive over the first baseman, I do the only reasonable thing: I pop out to first base to end the game. 10-9 the final, and I want to bite clean through my softball glove. And like a jackass, I wish in part of my brain that I hadn't made the catch so that I wouldn't have had the chance to strand the winning run in scoring position. I got over that idea quickly, but how disappointing is it that someone would think that way?

But it was a great evening. We played the class of the league last week, and they spanked us 22-9 and it could have been much, much worse (they let the guys bat strong-handed once it was 20-0). It turns out we've really gotten better and we can definitely beat both of the teams we played tonight.

The other two teams in the league? Weeell, they could always get a teamwide debilitating-but-nonlethal virus, but other than that, I think we're screwed. We play 7 more games in the regular season, and everyone plays in the playoffs, so it'll be really fun.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Injury report

Mojo bit Moxie on the leg, and now she's limping. I jammed my finger catching a football, and my knuckle is huh-yuge.